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Coffee is our passion - and has been since 1994.


Founder Cynthia Barcomi started roasting coffee in order to serve authentic, good coffee to her guests.

Since then, many new kinds have been added, but the traditional roasting process by hand

and the excellent taste has remained.


We purchase the selected specialty coffee beans from our dealers in Hamburg and Bremen.

Working closely with you, we are always looking for new kinds around the world

and pay attention to sustainable cultivation and the best quality.


The heart of our coffee roastery is our Probat roaster from 1994.

Since our opening, coffee has been roasted by hand in front of the guests with this roaster in the heart of our café in Kreuzberg.

Very traditionally – we use a gas-powered drum roaster.


Roasting is a combination of craft, sensory and feeling - all of which take into close consideration when roasting daily.


Through trial roasts, we determine which color, roasting time and temperature is optimal

for the respective bean and how we can get the best out of the individual bean.

Every single bean is about its numerous aromas and flavors – and how to best underline them.


In the raw state, one can only guess what is hidden in the beans.

The individual character and the most wonderful properties are revealed after roasting.

How well this is tickled out depends on the skill of our roaster,

because just a few seconds too long or too short in the roaster can make a huge difference in taste.


Whether as whole beans or individually ground for however you like to make your coffee:

espresso machine, stove top, hand filter or coffee machines - we grind the beans to your needs.


And if you want to try a new coffee or you are simply not sure yet: ask our team for a sample.


Celebrate the pleasure of coffee with us.

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