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Are you looking for beautiful corporate gifts that will be remembered by everyone? Then look no further than Barcomi's! 


We offer a wide range of international, national, and local options to suit your needs.




For international gifts, we can provide a wonderful package filled with our house-roasted Barcomi's coffee and handmade biscotti. How about logo cookies or – depending on the target group – autographed baking books by Cynthia, available in either German or English, or even Cynthia's premium baking pans made in Germany and England.




For national gifts, everything above is possible, as well as personalized cakes. For example, in the past we baked fantastic Ramazzotti cakes  –taste and design to match Ramazzotti and sent all over Germany.

Or how about delicious banana bread? Lemon poppyseed bread? Marble cake?
Add some coffee and you have yourself the beginnings of a beautiful gift basket.




If you're looking for local options – all of the above is possible, and then some. Since we deliver directly from our production facility in Berlin-Kreuzberg truly anything is possible.


How about cookies in any shape and design to match your brand? 


We're also able to provide fresh and fragile items like cheesecakes, charcuterie, etc. – the options are endless.


Kindly send us a request to with the following details:
approximate number of packages, whether the gifting is on a local, national, or international level, date and budget.

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