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Our Barcomi's specialities are not only available at Barcomi's in Kreuzberg,

but also at various cafés and restaurants throughout Berlin. 


Below is a list of all our partners:

Beba im Gropius Bau
Niederkirchnerstr. 7
10963 Berlin

Café Luzia
Oranienstr. 34
10999 Berlin


Hofcafé Berlin bei Mutter Fourage

Chausseestr. 15A

14109 Berlin

Pandoras Café

Zossener Str. 65

10961 Berlin

PAX Coffee

Oberwallstraße 20

10117 Berlin

The Office Group | Pressehaus Podium

Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 29A

10178 Berlin

The Office Group | coffee beans in all of Germany

Waldorf Astoria Berlin
Hardenbergstraße 28

10623 Berlin

Are you also interested in offering Barcomi's specialties?

Contact us at | +49 (0)30 612 037 32

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