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It all started with a cookie. I can still remember the exact moment when I handed over my first homemade cookie. I proudly said "I made it". 

I have implemented my passion and am very happy to share that with you.


I studied philosophy and theater at Columbia University in New York and worked as a dancer,

before I turned my passion into a profession in my adopted city of Berlin. Here I realize again and again how much my studies have influenced me and how I can use the techniques I learned in my everyday life today.


In 1994 I opened Barcomi's Kaffeerösterei in Kreuzberg,

followed by my Barcomi's Deli in Berlin Mitte in 1997 – which is now closed due to the pandemic.


Now, eight baking books, a series of baking baking and endless TV appearances have followed. My books are for everyone - whether baking beginners or advanced cake bakers. My motto is that I am only as good as my readers can be.


I want to bring out the best in you and firmly believe that everyone can bake.


I launched the Cynthia Barcomi Kitchenware line in 2009.

Anodized aluminum baking pans - that will last a lifetime, cookie cutters, aprons and baking utensils now comprise the line.


Every day I try to create something new, always stay inspired and try to inspire others.

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